What are some great examples of political correctness gone mad?

This was an advert by cycling company Pinarello for e-bikes.

Soon after they pulled the advert and apologised.

What was wrong with the advert? It implied that all women are incapable of keeping up with their boyfriend. That all women are slower than men. It is therefore a sexist, misogynistic advert; one in a line of sexism by cycling (in fairness, cycling has form in this regard).


I read the advert, and read what is said as portrayed by one woman stating that she personally can’t keep up with her boyfriend.

It doesn’t say anything about any other women or any other man. But our modern day minds can not comprehend any difference being portrayed between men and women. So people decided that what Pinerello was really saying was “women are slow. Women need E-bikes.” or “she needs a new boyfriend, one who will ride with her!”

Change the scenario. If was a group of women in the picture saying “we can now keep up!” Yes, there’s a problem there, because many women are faster than men and the statement is “women suck at cycling” which is simply untrue. That would be an advert worth puling.

But this? I think if you are offended at this, you are reading things into the advert.

Will political correctness kill America?

I would argue yes. It is. It’s a reason why Trump got elected. It’s a shock that this behavior is even considered liberal, because all of this is a disgrace to liberalism as a whole, much like what the Left has done to the term towards promoting freedom of thought and allowing equal opportunity and responsibility for all.

However, Regressive Leftism and the P.C leftists who’ve championed or ignore the often disgusting behaviors from their own side fail to understand a core concept about discussion. Calling others bigots merely because they hold contrary opinions, lacks substance so much as paint themselves as bigots.

Do these types know why they voted for Trump? No, because they don’t talk to people in a civilized manner or treat their fellow man with equal regards. If even half of these supporters turned off their televisions, shut off their Facebooks and peacefully engaged with their fellow man face to face in a polite discussion, they would be amazed and actually see the humanity in the “other side.”

But that’s the point of it, and what I just discovered about from someone else here, by the name of Albert Speer* who I’ll credit for introducing me to the theory of “Spiral of silence”.

Spiral of Silence

*See Albert Speer’s post on this Quora entry because it introduced a concept that I had an idea existed, but didn’t know had an actual name. It’s a great read for anyone that I recommend.


If you silence debate and can relentlessly demonize and paint the other as villains, depraved, inferior, uneducated, you’re going to see those people who are “the other” in that viewpoint. It’s been seen throughout our history and in the news. And frankly, I don’t buy the simplistic idea that people of certain groups are just like that or this. They’re human beings.

The problem is I don’t buy the idea of certain groups being above criticism, or ridicule, whether they may be Feminists, Muslims, Christians, Scientoologists, Mormons, Duggars’s cult, Atheists, Celebrities, Politicians, Blacks, Latinos, or LGBT.

Only in a fully-functional Republic can we have open debates and discussion, and being able to maturely articulate our ideas and thoughts without resorting to violence. Of anything, no matter how offensive it may be to anybody. Once we stifle what we say just to make sure someone is happy or not offended , it only leads to stangation.

Do someone lie to a child and tell them they’re great at something when they absolutely don’t have what it takes? A parent who cares would let their child down depending on the situation, and tell them to pursue something that will work and they can turn into a profession. Or let them test the waters for themselves.

A parent who coddles their child and tells them they’re special and can do it , despite all evidence, is setting them up for failure. They’re not helping their child develop or grow, but telling them to continue to pursue a dead end. And more importantly, they keep their child from failure.

This is why we have a generation of snowflakes [of which I’m unfortunately part of] and why they’ll fail. They had parents which told them they were good at things, or that they were special for merely existing. Ergo, they for their entire lives ,while being passed up grade by grade, are constantly told this by society and those who know better, until college comes around. These people have never developed or grown. They have games where everyone wins, there are no losers, trigger warnings and safe spaces which protect them all from cold hard reality. And thus, they’re told that they can’t offend anyone , that they can only be passionate in things that are acceptable to this mind-think.

These people commonly don’t have the idea of nuance, civil disagreement, the idea that “the other side” aren’t monsters because they disagree ,and that politics are not your entire life.

They are the reason why Trump won.

Political correctness has only watered down terms , such as racist, rapist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, Islamaphobic, to meaningless buzz terms that people shout at people to get the opposition to not talk about the real issues in society. When those words are used and abused, they lose the force they had. Their meaning.

It takes a special kind of ego from these mostly white people [usually also in college] to assume and talk over people in advocacy against slights and offenses, whether pretended or fictional. These people are the types to censor Speedy Gonzalez as racist without acknowledging what the Mexican community thinks about it.

The Nation; Adiós, Speedy. Not So Fast.

And even so, no one’s words are worth more than others. Implying that by race makes you more important or less is a racist concept by itself.

The typical social justice warrior is exactly like what the Satiratician describes. They’re people who typically are more well off than the people they criticize, while being the exact thing they oppose, unironically. They talk about white privilege? Tell that to the millions of homeless white people and working class white people across this entire country. There’s no such thing as white privilege so much as privilege, which is typically what these brats have.

Hey, Media: White People Are Poor, Too

Poverty by the Numbers

The Despair of Poor White Americans

Privilege by definition is being wealthy and having perks that come with it. Poor white people do not have such things. Otherwise, white people would be getting into colleges just by their skin color alone, get jobs because of it, lead because of their whiteness. And while that can be a case in a few racist places, that still falls under privilege, as privilege is not blind to race.

How Diversity Punishes Asians, Poor Whites and Lots of Others

Stars and rich people who do crimes that the rest of us would be jailed for, and don’t get sentenced as harshly as the rest of us would, like in the case where that rich college student raped a girl.

It went from six months to zero.

Outrage over six-month sentence in Stanford rape case

No prison for Colorado college student who ‘raped a helpless young woman’

The richer and more famous you are, the more you can be excluded from the laws that govern the rest of society.

Or the fact that many more white people suffer from police brutality that blacks.

This White Woman’s Shocking Account of Police Brutality Has a Lesson About Race in America

Police Kill Too Many People—White and Black

When confronted by nonwhites who contradict their narrative they talk over them or explain over them. Or about leaders and countless successful people who are minorities? They deny they exist or pretend they don’t.

Or they physically assault black supporters of Trump or send death threats , because how dare people have different opinions than your own? This is as bad as the Religious Right was.


How can I be privileged when I’m poor, bisexual, or agnostic? I’m a minority. But when I add “white” to the equation, then they all have mental breakdowns because according to their faulty logic, white people are all privileged, not matter how poor, bullied and oppressed they may be in real life.

This kid below is a moron who perpetuates racism, and yet, doesn’t have the slightest clue that he is indeed a racist.

Strange And Hateful Bedfellows: How Neo-Nazis And Social Justice Warriors Feed Off Of Each Other

How Anti-White Rhetoric Is Fueling White Nationalism

They’re the types who make every shooting from cops racist, while ignoring the black-on-black violence that’s a huge problem in the black community. Case study:

Look at the 50 murdered in Chicago over Memorial Day weekend, by black criminals. Oh wait, let’s talk about Harambe, a gorilla.

Memorial Day weekend closes with 69 shot in Chicago, many of them on West Side

Nets Cover Gorilla Death 54x More Than Chicago Shootings

Will Those Who Weep for Harambe Also Decry Deaths in Chicago?

Or the fact that the Orlando shooter, was well known to be mentally unstable and worked as security

Friend of Orlando shooter tipped FBI in 2014

G4S Under Scrutiny After Employing Orlando Killer Since 2007

Or how Trump was criticized for his words on the rape issue facing Central American migrants? He apparently hates all Mexicans as rapists, when it’s far from the case. If anyone views Mexicans and Latinos as a whole are lesser, it’s the Democrats who see them as cheap, near slave labor, and view them as inferior people only worth their votes.

Search the DNC email database – Proof of their views.

Hispanic Activist: Democrats are ‘Racist’, ‘Don’t Care About Us’

Second source is Mexico’s immigration policy, and there’s a documentary called Border, that covers many of the issues including the rape. It’s a fact we treat immigrants and aliens are better than Mexico treats even their own legal citizens. But we’re racist when we want to enforce immigration laws?

80% Of Central American Women, Girls Are Raped Crossing Into The U.S.


Rapes Stir up Controversy Over Justice in Mexico


Articles: How Trump’s Border Wall Will Rescue Illegal Immigrants from Democrat Exploitation

These ,however , are in the U.K.

Or the 1440 children who were raped by child pedophile sex rings in England?

Why Did British Police Ignore Pakistani Gangs Abusing 1,400 Rotherham Children? Political Correctness

Or the British Muslim officer who spoke up about her fellow officers’extremist views:


And here’s a video that’s just additional material that should be viewed on why people voted for Trump. It’s all because of people done with political corectness and because of Leftist SJWs who apply bullying tactics such as assaults , battery and verbal abuse against their opponents.

Until the Left and their Media learns how to correctly debate people, and not demonize the other anti-poltically correct side as racist, sexist ,homophobic monsters, and more importantly, demonizes the rioters and everyone who beat people in the name of Clinton as they have around the overly fictitious crimes caused by Trump supports. They’ll be creating more and more from both the Left and the Right who’ll support Trump EVEN MORE.

This polarization they’ve created will be their downfall.

And more people like him, experienced or not, will appear in other countries because it’s not because they’re bigoted either.

Like many other people on the planet, they’re done with the Left’s identity politics and their divisive tactics they’ve used for years.

There Is No Violent Hate-Crimewave in ‘Trump’s America’