What China’s failing economy means for us

All is not well on the other side of the world these days. The latest reports from China show a continued slowdown of the economy: stocks falling, currency rates dropping, and retail sales growth at a 15-year low.

What does it matter to us? Well, the Chinese economy is the second largest in the world, and stocks futures show it: The S&P 500 and Nasdaq are both down by 1% already as a result.

Whispers are that the slowdown is tied to the tariff negotiations between China and the US, with Trump’s recent criticism of China as a country set on stealing US technology innovations fresh in the mind. Experts are hopeful that an agreement on tariffs will stabilize things in the region further. Here’s hoping.

Melania Trump: Underappreciated icon

Melania Trump is in Africa, touring four countries there on her first solo trip as First Lady, promoting child welfare and meeting with dignitaries.

But despite the momentous occasion, there’s barely a hint of coverage in the so-called mainstream media.

Remember the constantly fawning coverage of Michelle Obama when she was the First Lady?

In case you needed more evidence of left-wing bias in our media, here you go!

Ask a Politician: I hate both Trump and Clinton. What should I do?

I’ll assume your question is honest.

First, if you hate both it stands to reason that you’re in the middle of the political spectrum, neither a right wing or left wing ideologue, but more of a pragmatic moderate.

Which means you can use nonpartisan factchecking sites like Fact-checking U.S. politics | PolitiFact and Factcheck.org. I suggest you look up both candidates on those sites to weigh the truthfulness of the claims they’ve made—and of the claims made against them by the other side.

One telling item was an article in the New York Times about a check PolitiFact did on both candidate’s public statements. It found that Clinton lied 28% of the time, while Trump lied 76% of the time. That’s a big, big difference.

It’s easy to find hit pieces on both candidates in the partisan media, so I look for sources that seem more trustworthy on a given topic.

For example, here’s a detailed article on Trump’s business dealings in Fortune Magazine (source of the Fortune 500 list), a longstanding business publication that’s read by captains of industry:

How Donald Trump Made Millions Off His Biggest Business Failure

Here’s the article’s conclusion:

“No amount of spin will make Trump’s dozen years at the helm of a Trump Hotels, the only public company Trump has ever run, look like anything but a flop that damaged thousands of shareholders, bondholders, and workers. The sole “winner” now packs arenas across America, mesmerizing tens of thousands of cheering fans with tales of his business triumphs.”

And here’s an equally detailed article from the Washington Post listing and describing authoritative Republicans who have decided to vote for Clinton instead of Trump:

Here’s the growing list of big-name Republicans supporting Hillary Clinton

And on CNN:

Republicans for Hillary?

In foreign policy, Politico reports this:

“More than 100 Republican foreign policy elites signed a March open letteropposing Trump on the grounds that he is unqualified to oversee American national security — a searing concern that Trump has not assuaged with his shifting statements on foreign policy and unfamiliarity with basic issues. In a sign that Trump has largely failed since the end of primary season to win over reluctant critics within his party, at least a dozen of those people now say they expect to cast a ballot for Clinton.”

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/20…

I haven’t been able to find equally authoritative reportage of Democratic officials saying they’ll be voting for Trump.

Hope this helps resolve your delimma.

Just remember, not voting for one = voting for the other. It’s like the story about two campers in Alaska with a Grizzly bear poking its nose in the tent. One camper starts putting on his shoes. The other says “What are you doing? You can’t outrun a Grizzly.” The other replies “I don’t have to outrun the Grizzly.”

Get it?

Trump zealots will think this image is terrific, and clever too. Others will find it means Trump looks a lot like Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the Turkish president who’s currently imprisoning many tens of thousands of political opponents, using an abortive military coup as pretext. Calling for the imprisonment of political foes—whatever the basis—threatens democracy, causing visions of 3rd world countries exercising “Victor’s Justice.”