Koch brothers betray Trump

Public enemy number one for liberals? The Koch brothers. Liberals love to lash out at these titans of industry who’ve spent some of their fortune promoting free enterprise and liberty and working to get Republicans elected to office.

But increasingly, the Koch brothers are teaming up with the people who typically tear into them, finding common ground on criminal justice and alleviating poverty. Now, it may be a touchy-feely campaign to restore their battered public image, but one has to wonder: are they licking their wounds after a 2018 beating and retreating? If so, what does that mean for GOP efforts to retain control of the U.S. Senate and the White House in 2020?

The Washington Post reports that at their biannual meeting:

“….unlike in previous election cycles, there was little talk of politics, and leaders declined to reveal their projected budget on politics and policy for 2019 and 2020 as the presidential election approaches.”

While Jared Kushner was instrumental in securing a bipartisan criminal justice reform bill with Koch backing that President Trump went on to sign, there’s some serious daylight between the Kochs and the President on a number of issues, including protecting young immigrants from deportation, immigration more broadly, and tariffs and trade.

It looks like a potentially serious disagreement, to the extent that the Kochs aren’t committing financial backing for the President’s re-election.

As John Binder writes at Breitbart, why do those globalist Kochs still have access to the White House?!