QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Rubio says WH could’ve handled shutdown better

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) isn’t pleased about the government shutdown, telling reporters:

“Could the White House have handled this better? Absolutely. I wish they had. I’m not sure it would have prevented a shutdown. These government shutdowns are not an ideal way to function.”

Rubio’s not alone in his criticism. Other Republican Senators voiced similar concerns, including Sen. Richard Shelby (who said the shutdown makes Congress “kind of look silly”) and Sen. Bob Corker, who said it was a “made-up fight,” as well as

Oh and let’s not forget incoming interim White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney and his take on the wall back in 2015: “absurd and almost childish.”

Dems quaking in their boots over wall crowd-funding campaign

Far-left Democratic Representative Sheila Jackson Lee not only apparently loves open borders but is also taking it a step further: introducing a bill to actually bar the use of taxpayer funding for the border wall.

After the record-breaking crowdfunding campaign where thousands of patriots chipped in a total of $16 million to build the wall, Democrats are obviously quaking in their boots.

But how low do you have to stoop to actually block the use of private dollars to build a wall to simply protect our borders?