Amazon Ring lets employees into homes

Reports have surfaced lately that Ring, the home security camera system company owned by Amazon, has been allowing employees complete access to unedited and unencrypted video footage from within customer’s homes.

Per the Intercept, Ring “provided its Ukraine-based research and development team virtually unfettered access to a folder on Amazon’s S3 cloud storage service that contained every video created by every Ring camera around the world.”

Horrible story short: If you let Ring see into your home, you let countless strangers see into your home, too. The possibility here are endless. Have hard feelings about a competitor or a journalist? Take a peek into their homes and see what dirt you can dig up. Got a crush on a co-worker? Watch what they get up to after work.

Ring denies the claims, but that’s only natural. What’s happened here is beyond acceptable. Privacy should be Ring’s number one concern, but of course, where Amazon is involved, it never will be.