Melania brushes off criticism of Christmas decorations

First Lady Melania Trump has long been overlooked and mistreated by the lame stream media. The latest debacle over her beautiful Christmas decorations in the White House are just the latest example.

Watch this brief clip of Melania explaining to Fox News the patriotic intention of the red, white, and blue Christmas display:

And yet, twisted liberals have gone berserk, claiming the red trees look like handmaids in the dystopian setting of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, where women are stripped of freedom and turned into sex slaves who are forced to wear red dresses and white bonnets.

Amanda Head of breaks it all down:

As Head puts it: “Liberals ruin everything!” So true.

Showcasing her trademark elegance and composure, Melania just brushed off the critics, saying at an event at Liberty University, “I think they look fantastic.”

Trump puts Christ back in Christmas

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump officially kicked off the Christmas season on Wednesday with the National Christmas Tree Lighting.

At the ceremony, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke introduced President Trump as “the man who brought Christmas back to America.”

We’ve all grown tired of the War on Christmas and it’s refreshing to have a President in the White House who doesn’t kowtow to the liberal thought police with that “happy holidays” hogwash.

Maybe that’s why Trump’s support among evangelicals is unprecedented.

Let’s all remember: Jesus is the reason for the season!

Behind the policy: The man who houses migrants

This summer, Twitter and the lamestream media turned their attention to the border, where the U.S. houses migrants attempting to enter the country. Liberals were riled up by the idea of housing children with children and adults with adults.

But who was housing these immigrants? A man named Juan Sanchez.

Sanchez owns Southwest Key Programs, the organization that runs the shelters where migrants live for weeks, or even months, at a time, often without clean water or other resources. At latest count, Southwest Key can house up to 5,000 children at one time across 24 housing centers.

What would libs think if they knew that, in addition to being propagated by their hero Barack Obama, detention centers were actually run by a nonprofit? And one headed up by a Harvard grad? That’s right: Sanchez was the first in his family to go past high school; in addition to a BA, he holds a master’s degree from the University of Washington and a doctorate from Harvard.

Maybe they wouldn’t be so quick to yell racism, at least, and we could finally address immigration in our country.

CNN contributor gets away with anti-Israel comments

So much for nonpartisanship: CNN contributor Marc Lamont appeared at the “U.N. International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People” where he made statements calling for the destruction of Israel and endorsing Palestinian violence against the state of Israel.

Even worse? He claimed it was his right to do so because of his race.

As a Black American, my understanding of action and solidarity action is rooted in our own tradition of struggle. As Black Americans resisted slavery, as well as Jim Crow laws that transformed us from a slave state to an apartheid state, we did so through multiple tactics and strategies. It is this array of tactics that I appeal to as I advocate for concrete action from all of us in this room. […] Solidarity from the international community demands that we embrace boycotts, divestment, and sanctions as a critical means by which to hold Israel accountable for its treatment of Palestinian people.

After being called out, Lamont tweeted that he believes in “a single secular democratic state for everyone. This is the only way that historic Palestine will be free.”

The liberal media doesn’t seem to be jumping up and down to hold one of their own accountable. I wonder why.