This moment between President Trump and a US soldier will warm your heart

When President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump traveled to Al Asad Air Base in Iraq this week, they knew they were making history. They were the first First Couple to travel together to meet and greet with troops in an active Iraqi war zone.
What they didn’t know is that they were in for so much more. While meeting troops, one brave hero serving in the US military told the president, “I came back into the military because of you.”
We’re so grateful that he did. And the president seemed to feel the same way. He responded, “and I am here because of you.”
The entire visit seemed to lift the troops’ spirits. In addition to giving brief remarks on his decision to remove troops in Syria, the president signed Make America Great Again hats on the air base and received a standing cheer from an audience.

Good work, Mr. President.