Oh no they didn’t: Facebook comes for Christ

It might be time to unfriend Mark Zuckerberg for good.

Facebook warned users that a heartwarming image of Santa kneeling before the Baby Jesus “may show violent or graphic content.” There’s nothing violent or graphic here.

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It took a viral report on LifeSiteNews to get the social media giant to unlock the uplifting image of Santa Claus adoring the Baby Jesus.

The no-longer censored image of Santa kneeling before the Baby Jesus.

Facebook came around this time, but this hurtful controversy makes us wonder why we spend so much time on a website with a long history of censoring faith-based content, especially Christian posts.

In April of this year, Facebook rejected a Catholic university’s Good Friday ad that showed Jesus on the cross. In November 2017, they suspended Right to Life Michigan’s accountwithout an explanation.

Facebook also has a knack for shutting down conservative posts. They wouldn’t approve this simple campaign announcement from a State Senate candidate this year:

I’m proud to announce my candidacy for State Senate. Lansing needs conservative, West Michigan values, and as our next State Senator, I will work to strengthen our economy, limit government, lower our auto insurance rates, balance the budget, stop sanctuary cities, pay down government debt and be a Pro-Life, Pro-Second Amendment (lawmaker).

Facebook is censoring us and I’m tired of it. Join me in ‘unfriend’-ing the Facebook media machine for good: Delete your Facebook account.