Can a GoFundMe campaign fund the border wall?

Amidst the political tussling in Washington, D.C. over the federal government’s budget and whether or not the government should pony up $5 billion for a border wall as President Trump insists, regular Americans have stepped up. Thousands of people have chipped in to pay for the costs of constructing fences and walls in parts of the southern U.S. border that don’t currently have a physical barrier with Mexico.
The GoFundMe campaign was started by a Make America Great Again-supporting veteran and has so far raised over $11 million towards its $1 billion goal. It’s a nice idea, but it raises some big questions.
Conservative commentator Styxhexenhammer666 points out that there are some major problems with what he calls a “doomed campaign”: given the way our government is set up, the money raised would have to be given to Congress to then “appropriate” or direct to a particular purpose. With Nancy Pelosi and her band of merry tax-and-spend liberals are about to take control of the House of Representatives, why in the world would we expect them to actually direct the money towards the wall? They could appropriate it to food stamps or Planned Parenthood funding or something else completely unaligned with the donors’ intent.
Then you get into the fact that this wall as Trump envisions it is actually going to cost tens of billions, so the $11 million raised barely makes a dent, and you have to consider all the taxes and fees that will eat away at the total.
Overall, it raises the question: Is the GoFundMe campaign a way of harvesting personal information on thousands of American citizens? A cynical plot to tap into people’s desire to do their patriotic duty and have Trump’s back? Or just a poorly-conceived plan?
Meanwhile, we have to tell you about those petty liberals and their counter-fundraiser that’s raised a measly $74,000 for “ladders to get over the border wall.” Sounds like a lame attempt at a joke from the open-borders crowd.