It’s time for the GOP step up our diversity game

In the 2018 midterms, Republicans elected a whopping one new woman to the U.S. House of Representatives. One.
It’s not often that I wake up invigorated to pen a piece about identity politics but folks this is embarrassing.
The Democrats elected 34 brand new women to the House this year. In other words, they elected 34 times as many new women as we did.
Of course Republicans were at a disadvantage going into the midterm elections this year, that’s what happens when your party is in power. We’ve got an uphill battle to climb, but this staggering party gender gap cannot be overlooked.
It’s on each of us to build a more representative Republican party. When women run for office, they win. In fact, in Democratic primaries this year where there was an open seat and the primary contest was between a woman and man, women won almost 70 percent of the time.
I am proud to be an American and I’m proud to be Republican. We’re the party of the middle class values and military might. We elected brilliant new leaders, including veterans and young politicians to our incoming Republican class this year. In the coming years, we can become even stronger by recruiting an even more diverse field of candidates.
Everyone reading this should talk to a friend, family member, or colleague about the need for equal representation among our political leaders. This is a race We can win  in coming election cycles, but Republicans need to step up our diversity game and compete with the Democrats. So let’s do it.