Guess Obama won’t drive that Chevy Volt after all

Six years ago, while addressing a crowd of workers and activists in the United Auto Workers union, then-President Obama pledged to buy a Chevy Volt after he left office.

“I got to get inside a brand-new Chevy Volt fresh off the line,” Obama said in an appearance. “Even though Secret Service wouldn’t let me drive it. But I liked sitting in it. It was nice. I’ll bet it drives real good. And five years from now when I’m not president anymore, I’ll buy one and drive it myself.”

But nearly two years out of office and no Volt in sight. And General Motors has announced it will cease production of the hybrid electric Volt as it undergoes a larger restructuring that included 14,000 layoffs.

Both the Volt and another new-energy vehicle, the gas-powered Cruze, were pet projects of the Obama administration’s partnership with GM after the auto bailout in 2009.

Obama called the Cruze “the car of the future.” Now it’s the car of the past, thanks to government meddling in private enterprise.