Assaulted on all sides, Facebook goes to war

It’s been a bad few days, months, or years for Mark Zuckerberg and his company.

Facebook has been dogged time and time again by allegations. First, it was their allowing  Russians to meddle on their platform. Then, it was the news of privacy breaches through Cambridge Analytica. The hits keep mounting.

But perception of the company has made a sharp nosedive since the New York Times reported on the shady tactics and mismanagement practiced by Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, his COO, as they’ve gone on defense.

Democrats in Congress have demanded a Justice Department investigation into the company’s lobbying campaign and are threatening new regulations on Facebook’s data-gathering models.

“We need to know if Facebook, or any entity affiliated with or hired by Facebook, ever used any of the vast financial and data resources available to them to retaliate against their critics, including elected officials who were scrutinizing them,” said Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota.

People have responded with skepticism to Zuckerberg’s proposal of a “Facebook Supreme Court” designed to decide what kinds of content the site should allow.

Millennial tech workers are reportedly not as interested in working at the company since its reputation has soured. Tech companies are notoriously competitive when it comes to hiring.

Meanwhile, the company’s stock has taken a nose-dive.