NIGHTMARE SCENARIO: What will Dems do if they win back Congress?


With less than two weeks before the election, speculation is running rampant about who will retake the House, Senate, and the lion’s share of governors’ mansions.

With polling all over the map and turnout unpredictable, will the Blue Wave really materialize?

We won’t know for sure until November 6th. But one thing we can predict is what will happen if the Democrat Party does manage to carry off a takeover of one or both houses of Congress. In a word: destruction.

What sort of havoc could a Democrat Congress wreak? A short list we came up with:

  • Subverting the FCC ruling and requiring internet service providers to adhere to net neutrality rules
  • Opening our southern border to refugees and their families
  • Expanding socialized Medicare to more people in more states
  • Making voter registration automatic and expanding early voting periods
  • Legalizing marijuana
  • Repealing the death penalty
  • “Equal pay” for “equal work” legislation
  • Banning youth gay conversion therapy
  • Banning bump stocks on guns, like the kind the Las Vegas shooter used
And that’s just the beginning. What are you most afraid of happening if a big Democrat government takes control?