Flake says Trump should retire “Lock her up”

Jeff Flake is going soft

In light of the pipe bombs sent in the mail to prominent Democrat politicians, activists, and journalists, Arizona Senator Jeff Flake argued on MSNBC that President Trump should retire the “lock her up” as a chant at his campaign rallies.

Said Flake:

“We’ll see in the next rally. If there are ‘lock her up’ chants that he doesn’t say, ‘Hey that’s inappropriate. Don’t do that,’ or if he talks about a journalist that’s been beat up and that’s okay, that’s wrong. He needs to follow up what he said with actions. If he models that kind of behavior, it helps the rest of the politicians as well.”

Really, Jeff?

It’s unclear whose side Flake is on. Is he on the side of complaining journalists or people who were sent fake bombs in the mail, or is he on President Trump’s side?

The president should be able to say whatever he wants without being silenced by senators. Flake should join the Democrat Party if he doesn’t like what the Republican Party is saying. “Lock her up” is a classic Trump rally chant and it’s here to stay.