Alarmingly low numbers of GOP voters think tax reform is top priority

Wake Up Voters: The tax bill and the midterms
Why aren’t more voters paying attention to tax reform?

The polls are trending in our direction!

Thanks to the victorious Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination, the wind is in our sails. Even the lamestream media commentators are increasingly resigned to the fact that a “blue wave” they’ve tired to make materialize is unlike to happen. At this point, Republicans are likely to pick up seats in the Senate, and if the Democrats manage to eke out a majority in the House of Representatives, it’s likely to be by a very narrow margin.

But there’s one piece of news we should pay attention to: A new Gallup tracking poll, reported on by Breitbart, points to a troubling reality that even our own voters aren’t enthused by the Trump administration’s biggest accomplishment, the tax reform bill.
Only 7% of GOP voters said that tax cuts and reform were the highest priority going into the midterm elections. Far more voters are animated over immigration. On that issue, President Trump’s rhetoric has been strong, but unfortunately the DACA program for young illegal aliens still stands and the border wall is yet to fully funded. And that’s with Republicans controlling the White House and Congress.
Democrats learned the hard way when they had control of Congress and the presidency that even with majorities, the clock still ticks and there’s limited political capital to advance your whole agenda.
Did the GOP expend too much political energy on the tax bill for too little gain? These alarmingly low numbers on tax reform beg a bigger question about where Trump and the Congressional GOP should focus their attention going forward.