A teenage exodus from Facebook

Teens flee Facebook
Is Facebook even relevant anymore?

Young people may be obsessed with Snapchat and Instagram hasn’t lost its luster, but interest in Facebook from teens is tanking. A new survey by Piper Jaffray finds that just over one-third of teenagers report using Facebook at least once per month.

That’s a MAJOR decline in just the last two years.

Facebook talks a big game about being the go-to social media platform. But if young users aren’t on the platform, will they still be able to play the role of speech police?

Seems like they’re losing their touch.

NIGHTMARE SCENARIO: What will Dems do if they win back Congress?


With less than two weeks before the election, speculation is running rampant about who will retake the House, Senate, and the lion’s share of governors’ mansions.

With polling all over the map and turnout unpredictable, will the Blue Wave really materialize?

We won’t know for sure until November 6th. But one thing we can predict is what will happen if the Democrat Party does manage to carry off a takeover of one or both houses of Congress. In a word: destruction.

What sort of havoc could a Democrat Congress wreak? A short list we came up with:

  • Subverting the FCC ruling and requiring internet service providers to adhere to net neutrality rules
  • Opening our southern border to refugees and their families
  • Expanding socialized Medicare to more people in more states
  • Making voter registration automatic and expanding early voting periods
  • Legalizing marijuana
  • Repealing the death penalty
  • “Equal pay” for “equal work” legislation
  • Banning youth gay conversion therapy
  • Banning bump stocks on guns, like the kind the Las Vegas shooter used
And that’s just the beginning. What are you most afraid of happening if a big Democrat government takes control?

Bye, Megyn: NBC cans Kelly

So long, Megyn Kelly!

Megyn Kelly’s about to have more time on her hands: The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that her NBC show, Megyn Kelly Today, will wind down production by the end of the season.

THR reports:

Sources tell THR that Kelly has met with network executives in recent weeks to discuss the future of the show and expressed a desire to cover more news and politics. It’s unclear what NBC News would put in place of Kelly’s show. But the discussions are at least an acknowledgement that the experiment is not working and that Kelly would prefer to be covering more news as she did with the Brett Kavanaugh hearings.

Kelly gave in to lamestream media complaints about her defense of blackface as a costume for a black character and apologized for what she said. Whether the remark was wrong or not, her first mistake was backing down. Yet another thing she should have learned from President Trump’s example.

Bye, Megyn. We won’t miss you.

Flake says Trump should retire “Lock her up”

Jeff Flake is going soft

In light of the pipe bombs sent in the mail to prominent Democrat politicians, activists, and journalists, Arizona Senator Jeff Flake argued on MSNBC that President Trump should retire the “lock her up” as a chant at his campaign rallies.

Said Flake:

“We’ll see in the next rally. If there are ‘lock her up’ chants that he doesn’t say, ‘Hey that’s inappropriate. Don’t do that,’ or if he talks about a journalist that’s been beat up and that’s okay, that’s wrong. He needs to follow up what he said with actions. If he models that kind of behavior, it helps the rest of the politicians as well.”

Really, Jeff?

It’s unclear whose side Flake is on. Is he on the side of complaining journalists or people who were sent fake bombs in the mail, or is he on President Trump’s side?

The president should be able to say whatever he wants without being silenced by senators. Flake should join the Democrat Party if he doesn’t like what the Republican Party is saying. “Lock her up” is a classic Trump rally chant and it’s here to stay.

Michael Avenatti’s terrible, no good, very bad day

Michael Avenatti’s financial meltdown

It’s a good day to not be Michael Avenatti. A California judge has ordered the showy cable-news lawyer for Stormy Daniels to pay his former Newport Beach law partner $4.85 million for failure to pay back a debt.

CNN reports:

The order stems from an agreement that allowed Avenatti’s law firm, Eagan Avenatti, out of bankruptcy in 2017. As part of the agreement, Eagan Avenatti LLP agreed to a settlement with his former non-equity partner Jason Frank’s law firm and the IRS.
The firm agreed it would pay $4.85 million in two installments. If a payment was missed, that amount would balloon to $10 million.

Oops. We imagine this flagrant personal fiscal irresponsibility will only raise Avenatti’s chances with the Democratic base.

Alarmingly low numbers of GOP voters think tax reform is top priority

Wake Up Voters: The tax bill and the midterms
Why aren’t more voters paying attention to tax reform?

The polls are trending in our direction!

Thanks to the victorious Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination, the wind is in our sails. Even the lamestream media commentators are increasingly resigned to the fact that a “blue wave” they’ve tired to make materialize is unlike to happen. At this point, Republicans are likely to pick up seats in the Senate, and if the Democrats manage to eke out a majority in the House of Representatives, it’s likely to be by a very narrow margin.

But there’s one piece of news we should pay attention to: A new Gallup tracking poll, reported on by Breitbart, points to a troubling reality that even our own voters aren’t enthused by the Trump administration’s biggest accomplishment, the tax reform bill.
Only 7% of GOP voters said that tax cuts and reform were the highest priority going into the midterm elections. Far more voters are animated over immigration. On that issue, President Trump’s rhetoric has been strong, but unfortunately the DACA program for young illegal aliens still stands and the border wall is yet to fully funded. And that’s with Republicans controlling the White House and Congress.
Democrats learned the hard way when they had control of Congress and the presidency that even with majorities, the clock still ticks and there’s limited political capital to advance your whole agenda.
Did the GOP expend too much political energy on the tax bill for too little gain? These alarmingly low numbers on tax reform beg a bigger question about where Trump and the Congressional GOP should focus their attention going forward.

How Jared Kushner avoided paying any income tax

It was recently revealed that President Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, reportedly paid almost nothing in federal income taxes for years. Kushner is estimated to have a net worth of almost $324 million.

Makes you wonder how, right?

Kushner’s confidential financial documents were reviewed last week and revealed that he used a loophole to avoid paying taxes. Kushner didn’t technically break the law, according to Business Insider:

He and his family’s New York real-estate firm used a common tax deduction known as depreciation, which is designed to protect property owners from an asset’s gradual decline in value.

It’s not illegal, but does make me wonder why someone making millions of dollars every year doesn’t have to pay taxes, but I do.

Is Krysten Sinema a witch?

It always seemed like the Democratic candidate for Senate in Arizona, Krysten Sinema, was a run-of-the-mill liberal whack job. But as it turns out, she’s even kookier than we realized.
The Washington Examiner surfaced emails Sinema sent when she was an extreme radical leftist protest organizer, inviting witches to join an anti-war protest. The emails show Sinema “inviting a prominent coven of feminist witches in Arizona called Pagan Cluster to celebrate International Women’s Day and to protest the war in March of 2003”.
Sinema went so far as to encourage the witches to wear “colorful clothing and come ready to dance, twirl, and stay in touch with your inner creativity and with the Earth.”
Just when you thought the crazies on the left couldn’t get any crazier…

Stormy Daniels shut down by federal judge

Stormy Daniels, an attention-hungry hooker, finally gets her just desserts. After months of smearing President Trump and lobbing outlandish accusations at him, a federal judge has shut her down.
Daniels had filed a defamation lawsuit against President Trump for tweets in which he slammed her alleged story of being threatened for wanting to come forward about the affair she claims she had with Trump.
The judge not only dismissed Daniels’ lawsuit against Trump, but she may actually have to pay his legal fees.
Trump celebrating on Twitter, calling her both “Horseface” and a “con.”
Guess Stormy and her gold-digging, leftwing lawyer Michael Avenatti are going to have to go back to the drawing board!

Jeff Sessions tries to get his conservative cred back

Jeff Sessions, trying to get back on the MAGA movement’s good side after his public tussles with President Trump, went after district court judges who are threatening the president’s cabinet members with investigations.

Speaking to the Heritage Foundation in Washington DC, Sessions addressed a ruling by New York district court judge Jesse M. Furman that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross can be questioned in a lawsuit about why the Trump administration added a question about citizenship to the 2020 Census.

The court wants “to hold a trial over the inner workings of a Cabinet secretary’s mind,” Sessions said. “We intend to fight this, and we intend to win.”

Sessions appears to fear that courts will get a precedent to investigate the president’s taxes, his payoffs to women for their silence, his associations with Saudis, and his continued involvement in his businesses.

Sessions may want to buddy up to the president through his Cabinet now, but he’s shown who he really is: A MAGA enemy. Save it, Jeff.