SHOCK: Google execs secretly offered “silent donation” to Hillary

As revealed on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News and an in an article on Breitbart News, high-level executives at Google offered a “silent donation” to Hillary Clinton in her race against Donald Trump.

In emails sent the day after the election, Google execs are shown to have boosted latinos and immigrants to vote so that Hillary could win.

The messages are shocking, if only to see how these Silicon Valley liberals think. Here are some choice quotes.

We worked very hard. Many people did. We pushed tp get out the Latino vote with our features, our partners, and our voices. We kept our Google efforts non-partisan and followed our company’s protocols for the elections strategy. We emphasized our mission to give Latinos access to information so that they can make an informed decision at the polls, and we feel very grateful for all the support to do this important work. Latinos voted in record-breaking numbers, particularly with early votes. A large percentage of Latino voters in Florida were new voters who had become citizens just in time to vote. We saw high traffic for the search queries ‘votar,’ ‘como votar,’ and ‘donde voter,’ in key states like Florida and Nevada. We will be pulling in more info in the coming hours/days but so far we definitely know there was high traffic on search in Spanish. Without translating our tools the users wouldn’t have found the information they needed. Objectively speaking, our goal was met — we pushed and successfully launched the search features in Spanish, and we thank Lisa for her support in advocating  for this work. I sent Philipp a note yesterday to thank him because he and others voiced their support for this too, and we greatly appreciate it. Even Sundar gave the effort a shout out and a comment in Spanish, which was really special.

And these are the people making decisions about who does and does not get to speak about politics in America? Sickening.Breitbart is said to be investigating. We’ll see what else comes out next.