What are some great examples of political correctness gone mad?

This was an advert by cycling company Pinarello for e-bikes.

Soon after they pulled the advert and apologised.

What was wrong with the advert? It implied that all women are incapable of keeping up with their boyfriend. That all women are slower than men. It is therefore a sexist, misogynistic advert; one in a line of sexism by cycling (in fairness, cycling has form in this regard).


I read the advert, and read what is said as portrayed by one woman stating that she personally can’t keep up with her boyfriend.

It doesn’t say anything about any other women or any other man. But our modern day minds can not comprehend any difference being portrayed between men and women. So people decided that what Pinerello was really saying was “women are slow. Women need E-bikes.” or “she needs a new boyfriend, one who will ride with her!”

Change the scenario. If was a group of women in the picture saying “we can now keep up!” Yes, there’s a problem there, because many women are faster than men and the statement is “women suck at cycling” which is simply untrue. That would be an advert worth puling.

But this? I think if you are offended at this, you are reading things into the advert.